The Season with a Reason (Also known as Cyclcross)

This has got to be the best time of year. Bicycles, cold, wet and a lot of mud. It doesn’t have to be a mountain bike but it does have to be a CYCLCROSS bike.

I love to see the roadies get it in the wintertime. They always look so clean in their road kit in the spring and summer. Then the bad weather hits and all but a few vanish or hyphenate… hard to say why. But the rest of us get to see another world. Filled with snow, rain and mud and the all important bicycle.cannondale-mud

These Cannondales always find their way to the podium.

This guy has his morning commute figured out …

This guy is so much cooler than me … taking the kids to school on his bike before he goes to work for the day. I’ve always known that the morning commute on a bike wasn’t for the faint of heart, but WOW!

I’d be so terrified that someone would fall off the handlebars and get run over … but like I said, this guy is way more of a man than I am.

Although … he’s got to be violating some sort of bike safety rules somewhere.

Photo by Tejvan Pettinger -

Photo by Tejvan Pettinger –

How Do You Ride This Thing?

And worse … how do you ride it in those pants?

Seriously though … how cool is this? I can’t stand how much I love this … this tricycle was part of an ad for a French bike/trike shop back in 1890 …

It’s fun to see how far bikes have come since then.

How Do You Ride This Thing?

Two-wheeled Fun Before the Sun

Some of my earliest memories of cycling are of early-morning rides with my dad before the sun came up … usually they were much earlier than I really wanted to be awake, and there were times that he dragged me onto my bike, but the memories are fond ones. Thanks, Dad.

Now, I’m the one waking up before my kids trying to get them outside to be active so they grow up healthy. They’re still too young for long rides, but walks are good enough for now.

Two-wheeled Fun Before the Sun

Orbea Bikes that I Love

I think I’ve loved Orbea Bikes ever since I learned that they were Spanish. There’s something about the idea of cycling through that part of the world that really appeals to me … so I wanted to put together a gallery of the most beautiful bikes I know.

These images are used with permission from Contender Bicycles: my favorite Orbea Dealer

Fast Bicycle Man

I think I go this fast when I’m out on my bike. Really, I’m nowhere near this cool, but I love this image because cycling for me is about speed and power.

So, while I know there’s no chance that things will ever blur for me quite like this, it’s how I cycle in my dreams.

I am Fast Bicycle Man

Sunset Cyclist Riding with No Hands

This image captures everything I love about cycling … it represents total freedom to me and makes me want to ride off into the sunset.

I think the woman’s hair flowing behind her on her bike is the best part … that’s the best feeling in the world.

Sunset Cyclist Riding with No Hands